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Artist Statement

I’ve been conscious of the societal pressures and judgements which has guided engagement in natural resources. Deterioration and vacancy impacts my work and mindset. I feel connected to exploring how trauma affects my unconscious state within art. I find myself seeking comfort through exposing the effects of trauma. My creativity is inspired by an entity where scientists don’t fully understand; The meeting point of a life’s circle. We learn to consume, walk, talk and think but when approaching the meeting of that circle, we revert to when we were born; we lose all ability. Like a mountain, we peak in mid-life; thereafter, we start retrogression


Protection and preservation of sustainability allows a healthy and positive existence. The process of degeneration in evolution, corresponds with the growth and decay in other life forms. I aim to reassure others by inviting them to share thoughts and create outreach. Enticing tranquility to viewers and forming utopian eyes with acceptance. I hope to raise awareness and appreciation while consoling and celebrating actuality; tying our connections with nature. I mostly use charcoal, Indian ink and graphite in my 2 dimensional work but when I venture in to 3 dimensional, I prefer the textures I can achieve using clay and the layering of plaster. I start with the concept and then consider what the appropriate media will be.


Through a palliative state, we become a refugee to our own body. We exist only for our imagination. This allows me to grasp the physicality and work to an energy, not to an outcome. The juxtaposition between tonal positive and negatives reflects the good and bad. Sometime’s, I add a tint to expose the idea of a primo which adds comfort and structure when a physical entity is irrelevant. 


I expose the idea of a multiple chaos through intimacy in the materials I use and belligerent mark making. I declare my emotions by the physicality and mentality behind each art work. I repeat in collections to enable my reflection of journey and enjoy the idea of forming a diary of development. The fascination of our brains functionality and intellectual ability to both learn and forget is emphasised in my style of work. Reverting to childish tendencies and the art of not thinking within making each mark. I continue to evolve my practice around the basis of trauma and the human mind. I feel passionate about the psychoanalysis of humanity.

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